Wednesday, December 15, 2010

StarBazar Open For All!

Hey guys so stardoll has finally did more for non-superstars
"We are happy to announce that starbrazaar- star dolls vintage market place- is
open for everyone"

Who Can Buy?
. Superstars(just like before)
. Non-Superstars(If you have over 500 Star points and have verified your email)
xoxo PS. This was sheer genius

"ehhhhhh that is great news Luv you stardoll" :) <(shadi chan)
I think this is a horrible change. I paid to be SS and now all you have to do is wait till there available in
starbrazaar, why should i pay extra to be superstar(MarisoleAnnalise)
That is very kind of you to make this feature, Stardoll thank you(Chocolatofreak)

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