Sunday, December 12, 2010


Ok so this ItalianMafia thing is definatly a hoax but still, look what I found when I searched them on stardoll:
That's all I have to say. And I'm saying it in a "your a ridiculous, low-life who actually is weird enough and has enough time to create this many accounts" kinda tone, not an impressed one. That's not all the strange news though...

Next, we move onto posers. These are people who create medoll's with almost the same name as some of Stardoll's elite. One girl pretends that she is friends with some of stardoll's most elite, so I decided to check out her suite.
This is pretty sick and not in a good way. Then, I scrolled down to read her presentation.
-Click to enlarge-
Ummmmm, this bitch is seriously messed up and needs some serious help. She is only making people hate her, including the elite's. I suppose she just wants a minute of attention and fame. Sorry girl, but this isn't the kind of attention you want.



  1. OMIGOD! I was visiting her suite too, like yesterday though. Haha, she's screwed up.

  2. I found this medoll called :ItalianLeader take a look at her guestbook I think she is the italianmafia leder ???