Sunday, March 6, 2011


Holy shit! Look at this:

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This bitch is messed up! Yet, she keeps saying that she hasn't been hacking/ scamming anyone....

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Some people like mizzmileycyrus9 need some serious punishment! She shouldn't be allowed to just go around hacking other people's accounts and selling every rare they own! What's almost just as bad is the fact that stardoll allows this and does not help their own customers recover their lost items! Stardoll, do you care about us or do you just like to suck up our money? Hmmm.... I think they just like to take our money. 



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  1. I believe that Stardoll really needs to beef up its security. I've been following all this ruckus about Mizzmileycyrus9 for days now. Stardoll needs to fix this problem. For sure.