Saturday, December 11, 2010

Free boom box

 First, I hope you like our new writers and welcome them to the UES Team!:D And now here is how to get this cool boom box.
Set your manual proxy to one of these- with port 80 with port 80 with port 80 
Then go to-

Join the club, scroll down on the homepage and click "Join a Party now".

-iMedoll Tips-
Apparently, red hair is now coming into style. Miss_LolitaF was spotted with a new look, which is very different from her usual look. It is a aquired look but I believe it could look very cute when worn with the right clothing. Check out this interesting new look; nude colors and bright red ketchup hair:
I also happened to change my hair to red right before I saw her's. This was my look:

Ketchup hair- like or dislike?



  1. I SO want the ketch-up hair!!

  2. Yes i just had red hair a couple of weeks ago