Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rant about Stardoll #1

Recently, there have been multiple hackings including emorox4eva, .Marcela.., -Pop_Tart-, and many others. These accounts have been raped of their all their rares! How can a hacker (mizzmileycryus9) do this? Is the security on stardoll really that shitty?

What's even worse is the fact that stardoll allows this and does not try to fix the issues in the system! They also don't refund these members of the rares they lost! Then, they blame it on the members for 'giving out their passwords'. Really? Is it a coincident that all these members just randomly decided to give out their passwords? Are they all stupid enough to give out their passwords? Ha. 

I think the real question is, Stardoll are you stupid enough to not realize what is going on or are you just ignorant?  

Stardoll, do you care about us or do you just like to suck up our money? 
Hm... Guess we already know the answer.


  1. Love this, too! It actually should be sent to them.

  2. I sent the link in a message to them! So hopefully they read it!