Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Italian Mafia

For those of you who were not aware, the Italian Mafia was a group on stardoll a while back that could hack people's accounts without needing their password. Rumor has it that they are back...

The first hack was of vpurple and the next was emorox4eva, both two of stardoll's elites. Many people think that its is possible that just a single user who wants to get her/ his 2 minutes in the spotlight has hacked these accounts.... What do you think? Or is this just some kinda practical joke?

I thought so it was a practical joke too until we found evidence that the Italian Mafia is no other than misscarla90990.... She has other accounts that she has recently hacked! This includes -Pop_Tart- which used to be EliteNews's account. The most recent hacking however was UndamyUmbrellla yet again!

Here is the proof:( 
What elite will be hacked next? 
Well just check the list.
1st:vpurple - hacked
2nd: mizzmileycyrus9 - hacked
3rd: jess-lolly-hacked
4th:poohg1993- going to be hacked
5th:fashionngirl.-going to be hacked
6th:emorox4eva- hacked
7th:Miss_LolitaF-going to be hacked
8th:keira-v-is going to be deleted
9th:shakira-avril-going to be hacked
Many more to come!


  1. Yeah I heard about that, it sucks. She's going to hack two of my friends, Aly_Miley and Miss_LolitaF... She also has an account called TIMhacking. Someone should inform stardoll admins about this!

  2. I have visited misscarla90990 and on her presentation it says : "No, I'm not a hacker. Please don't blame me. I Haven't hacked anyone. Alright? Ok(:". But how could someone make that big a mistake ? I think she is lying.