Sunday, December 12, 2010

*More (not-so) Good News On Stardoll!

Some not very nice guestbook comments for our posing elite:fasionblogger36
im going to report you too!!!

  • musicqueenxx2
    Your So Cruel Im Going To Report You

  • missshowbizz
    Everybody hate you!!!you say on club MSW :I HATE YOU FACKING *****ES!!!!!!and everybody nows dat en you don't can go back on stardoll!!!EVERYBODY HATE YOU!!!

  • StarTishthe2nd
    where's ur diamond? u r elite if you have the blue diamond. how come ur cutting a dog? that's called ANIMAL CRUELTY! and u r such a spoilt brat!

  • TheEnd-MAIN-

  • iluvSVT
    I hope you know the first thing on your presentation contradicts the fact that you can't live without your dog.....

  • xXAnime_LoveXx
    ohmygod,do you have a brain? You should stop by Wal-Mart and get one,you crap-filled dirtbag

  • LillyRose246
    Well then you will have to cut off the head, and stab Foxy 6000 times.

    sounds like you are a spoiled brat and full of crap...

  • famegurl2009
    i hate you FAKE elites!!
    I am quite astonished by this one in particular!

  • makeafakeelite

    plz? Can I make fakes...i noe a lot!
    Oh another follower of mangaloversam?
    Onto other news, blogs on stardoll across the nations have been blogging about this particular girl for some reason. Even I have need to share the disgusting things mangaloversam does!
    Her presentation?
    I am going to murder animals, as Noelle_page told me too. We then decide to cut off the dog's head, spank the cat and cut off its ears, cut off the rabbits fluffly tail and iron that wrinkly dumb dog. Then STAB IT 6000 TIMES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

    Elites rules.
    Rejoice and worship us.
    Did Noelle_page really tell her to murder the poor animals of stardoll?
    I think not!
    Another veiw of her presentation will send you reeling;

    I am starting my own clan of elites as I am already an elite obvosuly. If you wanna join, conact me ok? I will see if you are elite enuff.
    Ok. members so far:
    bubblyminty, Isabella.arci, noelle_page, miss_lolitaF, madworld.
    An elite? Really, we cannot trust this girl at all can we? No.
    Onto more news not about this atrocious girl;
    Stardoll's newest dressup doll for superstars!
    Jameela Jamil
    Newest National Covergirl;
    Thank you very much everyone:

    -Our very own ways of saving money.
    -How to ask for your most wanted christmas presents
    -Why we post about stardoll
    Coming your way on my next blog!
    Love you all, Mikala

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