Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interior Design

"Hey guys! You may notice a change in how some of the Interior Design (previously known as StarDesign) items are displayed. Today, technical whizzkids made some tweaks that will improve the Suite experience overall, but it will affect some of your Interior Design Items:(

The thing is, your so clever, you figured out how to work around a small bug witch zoomed and rotated items. The good news is, this old gremlin has been fixed! On the other hand, some of your items may look out of position – but you can easily adjust them the next time you’re on Stardoll.

On the plus side Suites will now work more smoothly, and the super plus side is you will be receiving an exclusive dress in this season’s must-have burnished gold. Guaranteed to become a highly, historically desirable Stardoll collectible."


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