Sunday, December 12, 2010

MakeUp Tip

Hey everyone so its Finally Winter!!
In some countries Its even snowing! so
here are a couple of makeup tips you might want to try on your doll. :)

Light Blizzard makeup:

Step 1.

Use a black Kohl eyeliner to go around the eyelids and eye(make sure to only go half way so you will still have room to place the white liner and eyeliner on the tip of the eye, like in Pic.3

Step 2.
Use a volumizing mascara bush and go over the eye lashes. Afterwards use a frozen shade stick to darnken the inside of the eyes. Then use an Toquise eye liner to go over the whole eye .

Get started(click this link) >

xoxo ,
Also comment and tell me what you think
it was really hard the find a winter makeup

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