Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Club: StoreeWriters

On I have an amazing story writing club
My username is susan365,and if you join my club you shall get an awesome gift, once I am superstar
again that it!
Thank you, and I really want people to write stories
on it too, check mine out also!
It's Broken Sorenity.
My other clubs, they are kind of useless,
except for my magazine club,
join it and gift superstar gifts as well!
Poll Of The Day:
What would you do if you were given
Superstar for free for a whole
Answer in comments please!
My new look, Is it too angry? I don't want that.
Please help me to make it the prettiest medoll!
What is your problem? Why have you not checked out the stores yet? Why are you broke?
Save Money On Stardoll With Susan365!!
Coming soon to the blog!
I am giving lessons on how to dress and makeup your medoll
to perfection! Please tune in my blog I soon will make on my own account
I will be looking for co-writers to write about makeovers and designs and such
apply, and thanks!

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