Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Store Items!

So many of the stores in starplaza have come out with holiday items! 

Here are the new Doll Space items. All of the dress are SS but very cheap. The shoes and accessories are non- SS and reasonably priced. The clothes are bright and fun:

And this is Tiptoe's/ sprinkle's cute little holiday collection. All of them are of course SS items only:

The new Barbie clothes are cute and as always very pink! Most of them are non- SS items. Only the pink dress is SS:

Last, I noticed the Rebecca BonBon Dress has been changed because it looked a little too much like an previous LE dress:

I am pissed because I scurried to the starplaza to buy that dress before they changed it. I was so happy I got it before they fixed it but then just now I went to my suite and I saw that it had also been changed. I would not have bought that dress if it hadn't resembled the LE one.



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