Thursday, March 24, 2011

SFW Day 3

Hello ladies! As you know, the next three collections were released yesterday as scheduled and more are following today! Here is my favorite piece from each of yesterday's three collections (Review for each comes after):



Fantasy Couture:

Here was the opening piece of Woe. I must say that I completely love this collection! It was the most professional, well- designed, and inspiring out of the other three collections. The clothes were definatly high quality, couture inspired by Ancient Egypt! 
Outfits- 10/10. Loved every single one of them.
Graphics/ Quality- 10/10. Very professional & well done.
Inspiring- 9/10- not necessarily something I would wear, but still very amazing & inspiring. The makeup and hair/ headpieces were totally awesome!

This was the opening piece of Monster. .... Personally, this collection was weird. I didn't like it except for a few pieces.. After reading the description from the owner about it at the bottom, I didn't like any of them. Each piece represented something. One, for example, was rape.. Why would you create a collection that represents terrible things similar to rape... Not only was the representation part screwed up, there was sooo much skin showing in almost every piece. What kind of message are you sending here? A bad one. This is not couture fashion to me at all. Finally, the graphics really weren't too great... The edges of the models were rough and some of the body parts were disproportional. The hair really didn't help the pieces either. It didn't go with the outfits.

Outfits- 5.5/10. Intersting but odd. Not couture fashion.
Graphics- 5/10. Looked as if they didn't have enough time spent on them. Edges rough.
Inspiring- 2/10. I am not inspired by nudity and clothes that represent terrible things like rape. The hair did nothing for me neither did the makeup.

Last but not least, here is the opening piece of Fantasy Couture. As you can see to begin with, the graphics are even worse than the ones from Monster. The knees are pointy in almost all of the pieces and in the opening piece, the red tights don't even cover all the skin it should. Moving on to the outfits, They were all rather bland to me.. Nothing was interesting about them. At least with Monster, they were somewhat interesting. Here I just skimmed it, not even bothering to really look at them. This is not what you want people to do when you release a collection. The hair and makeup was just as bland as the outfits. Overall, the clothes got more and more ragged as well as unprofessional. Finally, I just wanted to show you this before I give my review:

Does this model have anorexia or something? This is definitely not something the designers should be showing.

Outfits- 3/10. Bland, unprofessional, ragged, poor.
Graphics- 4/10. Models were not well designed, pointy.
Inspiring- 0/10. Bland, nothing special, unoriginal.

So, in my opinion, Woe was defiantly the best collection out of the three. Second, Monster and last, Fantasy Couture. What are your thoughts on these three collections? Ratings?



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