Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Article for Red Lips Magazine March Edition

Spring is just about here and that means summer is on its way! And that means you better get your skin shiny & healthy for those short, tight jean shorts and showy tank tops! There is nothing better than feeling good about yourself and having good skin. There are so many simple things you can do by yourself to keep your skin health & glowing. Do the following and you will see improvements in your skin in no time!

1.     We all want to be sun-kissed but let’s make sure you don’t turn into a sizzling tomato by wearing at minimum a 10 SPF sunscreen.  Keep applying it while you are out in the sun & be sure not to miss any spots. Sunscreen prevents harmful UV rays from the sun from going through your skin.
2.     Yes, we love our makeup so much that we are addicted to wearing it! But, to keep your face looking healthy, try to wear makeup that doesn’t have too much “chemicals” in it so that your face will stay young & healthy!
3.     Lotion! Let your skin drink up! Even though it may not feel dry, it always good to give it a splash of moisturizer! We recommend using Aveeno, which keeps your skin feeling refreshed all day long.

Take these basic suggestions and feel the difference in your skin! Not only will you look great, you will feel great, too!


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