Sunday, January 9, 2011

Drama, Drama, and more Drama!

Haha ok fine! There wasn't that much drama at The Classique Awards! But there were a few problems such as unruly commentators and a couple of technical issues! The drama, however, began when Mel was awarded "Alluring Female". Someone pointed out that she had cheated and had asked her club members to vote for her. Dei immediately revoked the award and gave it to another contestant. Later, she checked and saw that Mel had not cheated and seemed upset. She wrote a kind, sincere apology on sdtca for Mel. I don't blame Dei either. I would have probably done the same thing. Hopefully, there are no hard feelings toward the new awards... And Mel, I truly think that you are just flat out amazing! You are modest yet the perfect model! For all the models who want to make it big, look to Mel. She is kind so she will definatly help you and I am sure you too will be inspired by her! Congrats Mel, you are alluring in more ways than one.

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