Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Article for Insanely Pretty Magazine!

Futuristic Fashion…

Shiny. Fresh. Bold. Shaped. Sculpted. Metallic. Fierce.  Unexpected. These are just a few words that describe this rapidly growing style in the real world and on stardoll. While many dolls think of this style as modern, involving only shades of black and grey, it uses subtle colours such as electric blues, purples, silvers, and blacks. It also includes different shades of tan and brown, which are incorporated into the style with the other colours. Many articles of clothing based off futuristic style have sharp cuts at the shoulders, the waist, & thighs that are often revealing while others have long cuts with ruffles & other unique shapes and layers. It’s subtle colours are brought out through shiny sequins, sparkles, glows, & cuts. Futuristic fashion is so different & unique compared to other styles that it draws our attention. Famous designers such as Alexander MacQueen have taken to designing dresses, clutches, blazers, & boots inspired by the futuristic style. Even here on stardoll we can see futuristic style in many stores such as Other World, Mortal Kiss, and Tingeling. Some famous real- life stars model the futuristic fashion, too! One example is extremely obvious, Lady Gaga! Also, there is Rihana with her crazy outfits in her music videos! I am sure you can put together some of your own wacky futuristic outfits because the style is after all unpredictable!


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