Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome to UES

Hey girls! I am starting my very own blog that will have everything about stardoll! That includes cheats, fashion trends, makeup tips, gossip, and how to become one of stardoll's elite! Sooo in order to do this, we need lots of followers! So please tell all of your friends about this blog and please follow! I will be looking for writers and co- owners as we get more followers! If you are interested in any of those right now, come find me on stardoll. My username is crystality:) Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. username: kuli-buli
    age: 11
    why I want to write: because I've neve rbeen picked before,and I really really want to try itout :))
    experience: never had one before
    what I will bring to UES: I don't know yet
    other thoughts/suggestions: I think,we could do a sparkling,fashionable,new banner :]