Sunday, February 13, 2011

TylerisBold Scandal!!

**Update** Noelle Page, MDM's Head, has released a statement about the post made by Findurlove about the following. Her statement is in complete agreement with my opinions on posting**

I am not going to post the pictures from the scandal because they are very inappropriate & I don't want them on my blog! Anyway...

Tyler apparently has been web camming with other skypers. There are screen shots of him with his pants off and him doing some weird things... If you want to see these shots, click HERE

So, then we see that while he took these screen shots, he was not smart enough to crop out his tabs... which included, stardoll, blogger, paint...

Guess what? the stardoll tab was open on elite-girls page...

Is it her/ him? Or is it someone setting up elite-girl? Is this even Tyler? Or someone pretending to be with a skype name similar to Tylers?

If you want the pics, click HERE


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